Children’s Eye Care

Children's Eye Care

Children's Eye CareAs a father himself, children's eye care is very important to Dr. Zachary Dirks and he understands that to truly give a child good care they must feel comfortable at the office and with the doctor.  Dr. Dirks knows that some children need a fun and funny doctor while others simply want a person in the room with them that seems kind, like a member of their own family. So much of caring for a child's eyes comes from understanding the child's needs themselves, not just running tests.
Dr. Dirks will use many innovative tests and techniques that can reliably check a child's eyes and vision even if cooperation or attention is limited.  This way you can feel confident, as a parent, that your child will receive exactly what they need.

When should my child be seen?

We are so passionate about early childhood eye care our office participates in the InfantSEE program which provides free eye exams to newborns under the age of 12 months.

If there is not a family history of early childhood eye problems or concerns it is recommended that a child be seen between the ages of 2.5-3.5 years old.  This is when many eye problems that are undetectable without an eye exam but can harm vision development often occur.  After this visit your doctor will determine when they should return but for most kids without issues a pre-kindergarten visit is typically advised next.

How does the doctor check the eyes of my young child?

What type of tests are done at a pediatric eye exam is based on the age of the child.  Our office and doctors will use innovative technology and techniques to test all aspects of your child's vision and eye health.  Many of them do not rely on any responses from your child.  Often simple games or puzzles may be used to get an idea of their eye's function and needs.  The doctor will also be able to very accurately estimate your child's prescription just by watching how light enters and leaves their eye.  In certain cases the doctor may ask to dilate your child's eyes to get a better idea of their eye health or specific glasses prescription.

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