Why Choose Us

Belle Plaine Eyecare Center is a unique joint practice between highly skilled, caring, and personable Optometrists and Ophthalmologists (ocular surgeons) serving the Belle Plaine area. We feel it is our  job to serve each patient with the care, time, and knowledge they need to feel comfortable and confident in their eye care and vision solutions.  Whether it is a child that needs a gentle or funny approach or an adult who wants every detail on their condition, our doctors are not only skilled in the care they provide but also in addressing the "needs" of each person.

Each of our eye doctors know that Belle Plaine is a special community and we strive to make Belle Plaine Eyecare Center a reflection of those values.  From our staff to the people who built it, all are part of the Belle Plaine family.  We hope you give us the chance to become part of your family as well and to serve your family's eye care needs.

Our office is proud to offer expectional vision and eye care, complete with unprecidented access to Ophthalmologists, who can care for and treat those with the most difficult medical eye care needs right in our office in Belle Plaine.  See our "Services" section for a list of just some of the ways our doctors at Belle Plaine Eyecare Center can care for your whole family.